ivana lola



Ivana Lola is an Italian American singer songwriter, musician and dancer born in Torre del Greco ( Naples ) Italy. Her career as singer begins at the early age of 8.

Her talent was hard not to notice and got her many recognitions and awards. She won a lot of competitions and started working and co-writing with many Italian famous singers and composers.
She also collaborated with the Italian Walt Disney Company as singer.

Ivana Lola has been also a theatre performer having the main female role and performing all over Italy. During her career she composed and sang for a lot of Italian and International brands and sound tracks for movies.

Her genres are always been PopMusic and Pop-Rock Music along with a big interest for the Dance Music too. Speaking of Dance Music In 2012 she starts to collaborate with the Italian Dj-Producer GetFar Mario Fargetta who became her producer and with whom she recorded and also starred the music video of the Hit “SURVIVE”.
They toured and performed in Italy and Europe for one year. Her American dream, linked to the fact of wanting to go where her origins are, begins in 2014 when her musician and producer friend proposed her to take a trip to Los Angeles,to start collaborating and play around town and eventually she will make the decision to move permanently to the united states.

Ivana Lola then creates a band and started performing in Los Angeles to become more popular and very often was invited as a guest to the Sayers Club, among the finest in Hollywood. She begins to write new songs with her executive producer and drummer Roberto Zincone and during a performance in a club in Beverly Hills, the music producer AC Alessandro Calemme notes Ivana Lola and from that moment they start collaborating together.

In 2017 DON’T YOU HIDE L.I.B is the single with which Ivana Lola breaks in to the music industry. This song is a featuring with AC and Get Far Mario Fargetta along with a music video released in May 2017. With the touch of DJ OFFER NISSIM who Remixed the song, DON’T YOU HIDE L.I.B is one of the most favorite song of his Dj set.On March 2018 Offer Nissim and Ivana Lola performed together for the first time in Tel Aviv for the Purim Event. Ivana Lola never lost focus on what she believes the most and “ If you can dream it you can do it ” is her motto!